11 December, 2011


No photos to share today. In am sitting here in my favourite spot on my couch with the morning sun gently warming me.

Had a lovely day yesterday. Drove an hour and a half into New Hampshire to my friend's house. It amazes me that we've only actually met 3 times, but she feels like family almost. Her daughter was having her birthday party, and even though she is is two years younger than Ella, those two really hit it off. It's lovely to see. While Ella and Ivy played, I bogged in and helped to bake and prepare and decorate. Doing kids birthday parties is so much less stressful when you are not the organizer!

It was a little house on the prairie, pioneer themed birthday party - nice and natural, and fun. We had games, and yummy food and a bonfire where we roasted hotdogs on sticks on the fire (seriously, they tasted so good like that) and had baked beans. After the other kids had gone home, Ella and I stayed longer, chatting and playing and it was so nice.

On the way home in the car, Ella said how nice it was to go to a house that was really creative. She said how she often feels like people don't understand her, and she loves to see home made things, and beautiful things all around a house. How she felt at home in their house. Ah, from the mouths of babes.

We got home, had a bath each and then hopped into my bed and started watching a movie on my iPad. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and she eventually decided to turn it off, but stayed in my bed where it was cosy and warm.

Which brings me back to sitting in the sun this morning while Ella sleeps on.


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  1. I can vaguely remember sleeping with my kids while my girlfiend was swaning around Paris, but it was a while or so ago...

  2. It sounds lovely, and good for the two of you to spend time together. xxx mum


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