16 December, 2011

en pointe

Yesterday Ella got her first pair of pointe shoes.  A few months ago, her dance teacher asked her if she wanted to start pointe classes, saying that she was ready for them.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to afford the shoes straight away, so Ella patiently waited.  I've made a few Etsy sales this week, so I told her that she could have them for a birthday present.  She was so excited. Can you tell? She won't start lessons until after Christmas, so we will be working on strengthening her ankles and feet over the next few weeks.  I only finished sewing on the ribbon and elastic after she went to bed, so she hasn't even been able to try them on properly yet.  I'm sure I'll be able to get a photo when she gets home this afternoon though.  She had asked if she could sleep with them last night....


  1. Gorgeous, but pleeeease strengthen your feet and ankles, Ella. Points look beautiful and elegant but they're tough on your body. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (you look pretty happy...)
    Grande Maggie XXXX

  2. eeeeeeeeeee, look at her adorable excited face. Love it x

  3. How gorgeous, she looks so oo excited!!
    What a wonderful birthday pressie. mum xx


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