01 December, 2011

Dear family

As I stumbled out of bed this morning and realized that the date was December 1st, I also realized that it is very unlikely that any of you will be receiving gifts from me for Christmas this year. That is, at least, in time for Christmas. Sigh. Or, at this rate, even a card. Please forgive me. This has been a very strange year for me. Hopefully I will have extra brownie points for all the handmade things I've sent you in the past....

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  1. Ne problems pas, vous may be getting stuff a bit late from this end, mais je pense ce vous ne pense pas of that as a surprise. Now get back to your fair presentations.
    Dad, just practising...oh an just got an email...got 76 for drawing this semester...marks lost for my Photoshopping component cost me an A
    oui there shoud be a little doda under the c dans ce

  2. he he, yes, no problem at all. You have definitely made up for it! I never do so well with the boys but finding things on Two Peas for you and Ella is always easy!

  3. You (and yours) happy and healthy is all we want.


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