01 November, 2011

Death and decay

 Yesterday afternoon, all the kids went off trick or treating and it was just Matt and I having a very quite night in (and because I made an effort, no one came to our house).  So I went up to the grave yard that is at the top of our lane to take some photos.  I hadn't realised that so many trees had come down in the grave yard- actually while I was there a huge branch came crashing down- causing a lot of damage to this old and poorly tended piece of local history.
 Maybe it's because I've been spending so much time reading about art schools and paying attention, in particular, to photography, but it occured to me that these photos made a lovely commentary about the nature of death and decay and how even those things we think of as permanent - grave stones, trees- eventually succumb too.  Plus the light was nice and the photos were really interesting.

Most of these grave stones are from the 1700s and 1800s - some you can't even read anymore, and MANY are broken and being swallowed up by the trees. This last one, which looks new, is from 1907.  It's a shame to watch it fall to ruin like it is.  It's not an active grave yard,  and apart from historical society volunteers and "gardeners" who come twice a year or so, it just sits there.  A lovely buffer for us from the busy road, and a place where the local deer love to hang out, but makes you wonder...what happens to grave yards once they are no longer needed and cared for?


  1. Ideally they get used for something a little more alive...I think of all the land in Queens between your old place and Brooklyn that is only for dead people. I do understand graveyards are somewhat special to the human psyche but I don't ever want to end up in one...and that is not merely the planner thinking of all the rezoning possibilities. But I heard and saw a very large red gum widow maker in one of the trees next to the wharf a couple of weeks ago and it does remind one of the power of nature.
    Dad (good blog)

  2. It's a bit sad isn't it, that some have just gone back to nature without anyone caring for them. Well I guess they were visited some times past, flowers placed there and looked after. A bit sad with the tree fallen on the grave though.

    mum xxx


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