03 October, 2011

Rain and things

 I know, I have been majorly slack with my blog recently.  No excuse really.  Mum has been here...we did a girls' trip to VT with mum, her friend Colleen (who she travels with), Ella and me that involved some shopping...quite a bit actually.

Then Mum and Colleen went off to Maine for the week and things were boring and wet around here.  Mum came back on Friday, then we drove back up to VT for the weekend for more...rain.  I've done a few drives up there recently in driving rain and I have to say I am OVER the wet.  Our front door in CT is so swollen with moisture that you have to shoulder it open.    And while the sun is shining this morning, I know there is more of the wet stuff on the way.

But I did take the boys out yesterday for a photo shoot.  Both Oscar and Remi are doing photography this semester and needed to take some photos.  Oscar wanted something a bit different from his other photos (mostly taken across the road), so we drove around to the local truck rental place.  It wasn't raining at that point, and even I had a go....

 Ella saw a chipmunk and was off...

 We also stopped at an old graveyard- I gave Ella my camera at this point.
Mum is here for another week and a half.  Hopefully we will make it into manhattan this week and we will have another (long) weekend up in VT next weekend.  Please excuse me if I'm not around here too much.

[and we did manage to watch the Doctor Who finale in VT (our neighbours were away, and we had permission to use their TV) and we loved it.  Now we have to wait until Christmas for more who....boo who...]


  1. trucks etc really do make good art, hope Oscar and Remi do some drawings of them as well...Ella has such a nice touch with the camera...don't think I will be pinching your three dimensional painting concept, bit complicated for an old bloke.

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  3. dont you have tv in VT? Hate waiting for new episodes!!!
    So fun going out for photoshoots. Had a funny one here in our backyard the other day on the yellow couch ... lots of fighting! ahhh girls!

  4. You could always watch all of Dr Who's current series on line by going to ABC's site if you really need a hit.


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