11 October, 2011

A Gorgeous Autumnal long weekend

In Vermont, of course.  
We "Jackson Pollocked" a canvas drop cloth in order to get rid of some old paint that was lying around from the previous owners.
 A gratuitous path shot (yes, we are very pleased with our path).

 We visited some farm animals.  Ella made friends with the farm cat (she always does).

 (Oscar was a very aggressive goose)
 We went to an Oktoberfest celebration up one of the ski mountains where we met up with some friends,  saw some lovely birds and enjoyed the stunning sunshine.
 We took my mum out for a fun birthday including a trip to the VT country store.  
We saw some beautiful cars in the car park (you know how much I enjoy photographing cars)

 We were inspired by some photographs in a local cafe/gallery and Oscar took photos of the landscape out the window as we drove home in the car.

 We even went for a walk to the river to cool our feet off in the freezing water of the river (it was a very unseasonably warm weekend).

 And we made more (lots more) fresh (and free) apple juice.

All along the roads are apple trees with apples just dropping and rotting.  So, the last few weekends we've been picking big bags full and juicing them up (we also made a crumble).  Oscar takes the juicing very seriously.  And it is SOOOO delicious.  I've been saving the best seeds and have (grand) plans for an orchard.
Ah, a long weekend with gorgeous weather in Vermont is the best.


  1. ahhhhh love love love these pics...... and that time of year is the BESTx

  2. Good stuff, but don't forget snow and all that must be on the way...do you intend hanging your Pollock?

  3. A post well worth waiting for. Beautiful. And Happy Birthday, Oki - looks as though it was!
    Maggie XXXX


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