22 September, 2011

the owl and the pussycat

Went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat
For some reason that poem must have been in my head when I decided to have a bit more of a play with painting 3 dimensional ornaments.

I started with a purple cat (why not?  I can always give anything cat themed to Ella).  I like the detail in the face, but I'm not convinced about the rest of it....

 And then decided that I really wanted to do an owl.  I love the faces of owls, particularly barn owls.

 These two seem very happy together.  
I am really having fun with these- I love how firm they are- really like a 3 dimensional canvas, and I love the way they look hooked around a door handle, or hanging from a hook.  Will definitely be doing more of these.

My mum arrived last night and fortunately I'm feeling a lot better today.  I'm really looking forward to taking her up to VT this weekend to show her our house.


  1. addictive hey! I have made 4 big ones. These look great! Have fun with your Mum x

  2. ooh I do like them. I have lavender bags on the linen cupboard doors for summer, acorns for autumn, perhaps something for spring or winter...
    Happy Holiday, Oki.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. the other Steve Mars that is,
    I have no idea how you make these.


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