30 April, 2011

Some Friday lovelies

I found some of the most AMAZINGLY gorgeous needle felted art work today. First these, from http://needlefeltedart.blogspot.com/

Ella and I spent ages looking at her gorgeously cute animals. Those mice- just as cute, but without the smell and the escaping (I kept mice when I was at Uni)

And these stunning owls from http://pipspoppies.blogspot.com/, also needle felted.
Having tried needle felting myself and having stabbed myself so many times and ended up with some weird looking stuff, I am in AWE of both of these artists.

I've been feeling a bit artistically stagnant lately- uninspired. That itchy feeling of I need to be making things, but I just can't find my mojo. It happens. Usually not for very long. But very frustrating when it does. So I've been spending a lot of time looking at other people's work...letting it all percolate around in my brain for a while until it ignites the spark of creativity again. Not only writers get blocked.

Oh and this one too...

This is an amazing wall installation of beetle wall pockets/vases that are ceramic and much bigger than they appear here. From here: http://www.thomaseyck.com/site.php (I also love their knitted foot stools).

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  1. the owls the owls........ I want the owls


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