24 April, 2011

Kitchen glimpses

So, I've spent the last few days working on the kitchen; stripping wallpaper, priming, painting etc. It was so dark before. I plan to paint the ceiling white, but I will have to wait for a weekend when I can come up on my own, as the kitchen gets a lot of use in this house.

Here's some reminders of the kitchen when we bought the house...

Here is what I've done so far...the walls were stripped of wallpaper and are the same lovely "barely jade" I used in my lounge room, and the trim is "stone white"- actually all the colours are the same as those used in the lounge, I had lots of paint left over, and I do love the colours. All the dark green/red/yellow has been (and will be) painted "slate green".

The crackle cabinet is now green too, with a white top. We also too the door off between the kitchen and dining room which let's more light into the room. It's getting there..

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