27 April, 2011

from my camera

The Easter bunny did come...
But stayed inside. He left little footprints EVERYWHERE and Ella traced them back to a vent where he must have snuck in.
We've come home to real spring weather; blossoms in the trees (you know how it feels), birds chirping, sun then rain then sun again, and tulips while they last before the deer eat the flowers off (seriously! One year I thought it was Kit whacking them off, or Ella picking them...until I saw the hoof prints).
Even some wildflowers all over the grass which Ella picked and photographed.
Once again I'm feeling fragmented after 10 days living my other life in my other house. I've come back to meetings with guidance counsellors about college applications and trying on tuxes for proms, to upcoming band concerts and cancelled rugby matches (you wouldn't believe how often they cancel the games because the grass is wet). [not sure why I'm underlined...can't turn it off]. Definitely the busy time of year coming up.

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  1. Happy Easter!! It's good you've had a lovely long break before the busy school commitments start again. I've been camping and 4WD in the Man from Snowy River country - a world away.

    mum xxx


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