29 April, 2007

I've crocheted myself an injury

So here's where it's at. And I love it. It's actually not finished yet...I want that border double that width again. But I've finally and not surprisingly got an RSI thing from it all. It takes a whole ball to go around the outside and a lot of little wrist movements. I'll recover, but I need to STOP for a few days first. So I thought I may as well enjoy it now as it is more or less finished. I could walk away from it, really, but I'd always be wanting that border to hang just a tinsy bit further down.

And, as promised my hair cut...taken with my webcam...please excuse the mess behind. We've been doing a BIG spring cleaning today including chucking out all the wet stuff from the basement and putting away all the winter clothes...this room will be the last to get any attention!!!


  1. Oh, it looks great...what yarn did you use and what size hook. I am swatching with worsted & want to use 10 rows but toooo big a square...looking for suggestions....
    Thanks Georgia
    Babette www.mother-of-purl.blogspot.com/

  2. good job George! on both hair and blanket! One day I'll commission you for a "Georgia blanket" when im rich and famous and can afford it!!

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Hair looks great! really dones. And I wish I had a tenth of it!!
    And Granddad does read the blog.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog answering my ????? I feel it was worth every cent ;))) I am looking into the same yarn, I have used this before & know how nice it is....I won't tell if you won't ( wink!)
    What a gorgeous Granny'ghan!!!

  5. Your hair looks lovely - did you do it yourself? And the quilt is looking good too. I agree another few rows would look good but at least it covers most of the bed and must be very warm.

  6. Love your hair! I finally (two months before I move from Kenya) found a local hairdresser that is soo good. And practically free.

  7. Forgot to say: Wow! The blanket looks great. How I wish I could make somehting like that.


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