18 May, 2012

My Boy

There's been some great rugby photos of my boy coming into my inbox lately.  I haven't been to watch a game for a few weeks now, and apart from the state finals which are next weekend, the season is over. By all accounts, Oscar has been a fantastic captain this year - we constantly hear good feedback, from referees, coaches and parents.  We are very proud of this boy.

 A random Remi photo- sitting on the sidelines as he is still suffering from his shoulder injury.

 I love this photo- says it all.  Exhausted, and they lost that game.  (The one above they won and he scored a try).  He still looks like a little boy in this one.  But 3 weeks until he turns 18, 4 weeks until he's finished with high school.


  1. Are they playing in the state final?

  2. Great photos. How was the prom?

  3. Very proud of you too, Oscar. I shall have to blog an early photo of your rugby career...
    Grand Maggie XXXX

  4. Jack and I just love Oscar's rugby action photos! We;ll be disappointed when the season ends. We're really proud of him. Can't wait to see the prom photos!!! And can't believe that massive bedspread is done Georgia - what an effort! (Can't remember if it's double-bed sized - it was a bedspread, wasn't it?!)


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