14 October, 2011

He is NOT a rat

 He's very difficult to photograph in the low light as he's a sweet shiny little black mouse.
 I know his tail is a little rattish, but that's the problem with sewing these; it's very difficult to make very small, thin features.  The foot could have been better too, but otherwise I am very happy with him.
 And here's my polar bear in progress.  He's looking less like a rhino now that he has a face.
Mum left yesterday, so I spent the day in my studio painting.  We went to the MET last week and caught a fantastic exhibition of master painters of India- intricately detailed miniatures.  It was amazing.  There were very strong magnifying glasses available to carry around the exhibition (I really want one of those for life!) and you could see all the individually painted hairs, and the details of the flowers and trees.  Totally inspirational.  So, both the mouse and the polar bear are painted with individual hairs.  A time consuming, but rewarding method.


  1. Very clever, good to see you arting again, bloody parents can get in the way of doing stuff. What else did you see at the Met? I suppose the what's is names drawing exhibition had finished so you can't write that one up for me.

  2. Mouse very sweet face and hands.The hairiness is a really nice development.

  3. love love. Im in Launceston for a few days (funeral/wedding) so will email you soon about teh bed bugs!!!!!

  4. I thought the mouse was a possum - the tail, I think, and perhaps I've got possums on the brain - something is munching on my garden. I Love both the mouse and the polar bear. Of course, I see a maiden riding on the bear... I couldn't respond to the post for a while because I thought at first that you meant you were painting with a single-hair brush - and I was gob-smacked with your patience. That isn't what you're doing, is it?
    Maggie XXXX


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