19 September, 2011

A weekend's work

Matt and I got stuck in this weekend and put in 2 big days of working on our path.  (the big boys stayed down for sport commitments, Ella was sick and Kit was...well, Kit).  We relayed the path from the stairs to the front door as I realised it wasn't flat enough.
 Much better
 We did the path leading up to the stairs at the front door.
 And all the way over to the parking spot.
 It's a bit hard to see at the moment with all the soil on it.  We wanted to give it all a chance to settle.  There's rain forecast for this week, so hopefully it will wash down into all the cracks a bit, and eventually we will fill all those cracks with fine stones for looks and traction in the winter. We are hoping that in a few years it will look like it's always been there as part of the house.
I tell you what though, I am sooo stiff and sore this morning!  Squatting for hours on end, lifting and moving stones, raking, sweeping, digging. PHEW!  We are a bit proud of our efforts though.


  1. This path is truly magical - a bridge between the river and the house.


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