31 August, 2011

we're all fine

Our house in VT turned out to be quite well situated- even with the river flooding so close to our house, we were high and dry (apart from a few leaks in the roof). Today the river was almost back to normal- a bit higher than usual, but no where near what it was.  We drove back to CT today- our trip usually takes 3 1/2 hours- today closer to 4 1/2.  We had to detour off the major highway due to flood damage  and take a different route to our usual one.  Some amazing scenes along the way- hillsides washed away, flattened fields, roads and bridges demolished.

Our house in CT is still here- a major leak in Ella's room, and at least a 4 feet silt mark in the basement where the water came up.  It's all gone now- but it was enough to move the washing machine.  It went higher than the boiler, so we have no hot water, higher than both the washing machine and dryer, so they are out too.  We thought we'd do some oven pizzas tonight, only to find the oven filament blown somehow.  Oh joy.  That's going to be a fun conversation with the landlord tomorrow.  But we have power, while half the town doesn't.  The start of school has been delayed another day...maybe Thursday.  Poor Ella, as if she isn't nervous enough about starting middleschool.  She keeps flip flopping between wanting to start and being scared to - and she doesn't really know when she will.

Matt took some great videos that I will upload at some point...


  1. good news, sort of

  2. oh my goodness, I was worried about the Darien house. I expected even more damage, but it still be a pain getting everything back to normal.

    At least you're reassured that the Vermont house is okay! Good luck with it all, and with having your landlord fix things.

    mum xx


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