29 August, 2011

Water water everywhere

We went for a walk to check out the river. What sounds like thunder is boulders smashing down the river...river has burst it's banks in 2 places, so our road is now cut off....people across the road who are lower than us are being told to get out... And school has finally been cancelled for tomorrow which is lucky, cause we're not going anywhere....

Next door....

Across the road...

The road....


The massive cresting "wave" in the river where is hits a bend

Across the road...

The cresting wave...it is so high, but hard to capture on film

Across the road...

The road ahead is blocked...literally while I was typing this, a fire dept guy came and put up a caution barrier across the road.

And apparently it's another 8 hours until the rivers crest....
Kids have had fun though...and we are all safe.

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  1. oh my goodness...that looks so scary...so glad you are all safe.... trust the kids to make a scary situation into fun...i love that attitude...i think sometimes we do take things too seriously ..but this isnt one of those times i am thinking!!!!

  2. whoooooaaaa.... will the ice skating rink (car place) across the road be ok? The river is HUGE!! Interested to hear how the house inCT is...

  3. Wow, you can see how people can get swept away and lose their lives! Like Chelsea, I also wonder how 'the pond' in Darien is going? Have you heard from anyone in CT?

    mum xx

  4. Just found this from Press Association, Tuesday August 30 2011

    "But to the north, landlocked Vermont contended with what its governor called the worst flooding in a century. Streams also raged out of control in rural, upstate New York.

    In many cases, the moment of maximum danger arrived well after the storm had passed, as rainwater made its way into rivers and streams and turned them into torrents. Irene dumped up to 11ins of rain on Vermont and more than 13ins in parts of New York."
    mum xx


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