27 August, 2011

C'mon Irene

So, here we are sitting, waiting to see if we are about to be hit with a hurricane. Things were out of control at the supermarket today- worse than just before christmas! We've cleaned up the yard, cleaned up the basement (which will surely flood either way), and are trying to decide whether we're going to get out of dodge and head up to VT. It would be a no brainer except that the kids are SUPPOSED to be starting school on Monday...hmmm. Last thing we want is to be stuck in traffic on the already over congested highways around here if they call for a mandatory evacuation. I'll keep you posted.

****UPDATE****  We're getting out.  Tonight.  The governor is talking about parkway closures (the route we take) and power outages next week.  No point hanging around.  We will have flooding, and wind and I'd rather be away from it all.


  1. waiting with baited breath so to speak, Wentworth Show weekend...keep your camera by your side.

  2. oh
    georgia i am glad that you are going to vT ..we have been watching the reports and that thing is a whopper.... stay safe ...we are sending you prayers of safety...

  3. keep us updated ok. Hope all goes better than expected. xx Love you x


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